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Inspired by Nature

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From the dawn of time until the present day, many have experienced the basic building blocks of our world: Wind, Water, Earth and – when you push hard – the Fire burning in your legs.

We love to ride outdoors. From the silhouettes of mountains to colourful sunsets and even grey foggy days, we always make the best of it and enjoy what nature has to offer. OK… to be honest, heavy rain and hard winds are not our favourites. But even those rides can be pretty rewarding in the end (hot chocolate, warm bath etc.) Although we love to push our boundaries and hit those pedals with all the power we have, we like to stick to our motto: “Go out. Charge. And enjoy the view!”

Because nature inspires us so much, we thought it would be a great idea to use that inspiration for our designs. Outfit #1 Monte Sibillini was inspired by the Sibillini mountain range. This is an area in Italy where the valleys are filled with beautiful poppy fields in spring. On our Pinterest page you’ll find the pictures that inspired us during the design process.

Do you also have pictures of beautiful views? Please share them with us on our social media channels!